Why You Need To Wear a Wig Now

I know what you’re thinking, this is a bit bizarre. But, in recent years wigs are definitely making a comeback from the 1500’s.

Especially, with the torture we put our hair through – bleaching, coloring, blow drying, straightening. Sometimes your head just needs a break. When you need a look thats a bit different to what you would normally wear, a wig makes a fantastic addition to your closet.

The beauty of this, if you have a good one, you can really accentuate that outfit with a realistic wig that everyone else thinks is real, but only you know is fake. Also, you can really go for a hair piece that is a bit crazy, that no one else would ever consider genuinely dying or cutting their hair for.

There are some amazingly cheap wigs out there which have all the hallmarks of a much more expensive product. Match the types of wigs available against a color chart for some of the common colours you wear, or that one killer piece you wear when you just want to stand out from the crowd.

That being said, buy one and you can forget about killing your hair for the night. It’s amazing how great it can look hidden underneath the wig, even if your hair is quite long and bulky.

Wearing a wig isn’t just for crazy, out there people – celebrities are all over this. Think about it, they must need some serious hairdressers for many of the appearances they are making. I’ve seen so many celebrities who will go from short hair styles to extremely long hairstyles in a matter of days, all because of this. I have no doubt their stylists are working miracles with their hairpiece or hair extensions, but this is all the rage these days.

Just check out Nicki Minaj, who is perhaps one of the more famous celebrities who is taking this trend and running with it. She wears some seriously ridiculous hair styles sometimes, but she pulls it off because it matches her personality. Just check out Viola Davis, would you know that she is wearing a wig in this picture?

Whether the look you’re going for is long, short, red, pink or blue, there is a thriving industry that most people are impervious to, which is dedicated to making girls look fabulous.

It has taken me a long time to come around to this, because i know it’s a hard concept to grasp. But, personally speaking I have a few wigs in my collection and absolutely love the freedom it gives me to really express myself with my outfits.…

How to Write a Fashion Blog

After starting my own blog a few weeks ago, i decided to write a post explaining the process if your looking to start a Fashion/Lifestyle blog, i know how hard and frustrating the process can be, follow my lead and you’ll have one set up in no time.

Firstly: You will need either a blogger account or hosting provided by a company, i use Simplex Webs and would definately recomend them, once you have either signed up for a blogger account or bought hosting make sure it’s all working properly and shoot along to the next step.

Deciding on a CMS: If your using blogger then feel free to skip the next two steps. A CMS is basically what your blog will run on, it’s the thing you type the words into and control the design with. I use WordPress and so do most bloggers, although there are lot’s of options such as Drupal, Textpattern and Movable type which are all free to install on your server. If your looking to pay then you could try ExpressionEngine and TypePad. I use WordPress because it is probably the easiest free option to use. Once you have decided on a CMS – download the files and extract them to the root of your website, if your unsure where this is then ask your hosting provider.

Next you will need to set up the CMS, to do this read the website of where you downloaded it, they usually give you instructions on how to install them, it’s pretty basic and shouldn’t take too long.

Making sure it all works properly: Post a tester post and make sure all your settings are working properly and nothing looks funny, onwards and upwards!

Time to design: The fun part for some people is designing your blog, personally i hated it, i would switch and change blog layouts every five seconds, i did this for a few months and finally decided to stick to a minimilist design that focused on the content.

With designing a blog you need to think about a bucket load of things, what will catch the readers attention, whether your header image is to0 big, whether you font size and colour look right it goes on and on, i reccomend reading as much of Problogger as you can before you start designing your website, and keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be too fancy, just make sure it loads quickly and looks presentable.

Post your first article: Now you have your blog layout set up and your hosting is working fine and dandy, It’s time to get to the fun stuff, what blogging is all about – Posting articles. Your first article should tell your readers a little about you and what your website is about, although you don’t need to post it on that! Looking back at my first article i wrote about something completely different. From there you can decide how many times a week you want to post, signing up for a Google Calender account is a good idea because you can plan what your going to blog about each day and always have it, or even in a diary or Moleskine notebook.

Balancing out life and your blog: I haven’t mastered this (I don’t think any blogger has) but i think by limiting your time on the computer on the weekends you will feel a lot better about yourself. I’m definately not up to that stage yet, i find myself blogging right through the weekend and the week, it’s pretty much a seven day, 24 hour thing for me and i wouldn’t want to do anything else.

Goodluck, write your heart out and persist like mad. You will eventually see the rewards.…

How I describe myself as a blogger

I’m not a fashion blogger. I thought that was an appropriate way to start off this post. This post is basically about what i describe myself as blogging wise, and white i want to get out of blogging. I started blogging like most people as a way to be creative, to produce my art in an online way. After reading countless numberes of style and inspirational blogs i got so inspired and wanted to start one of my own. And that’s how it all started, i read up on problogger and copyblogger and decided to use self-hosted wordpress. Then it got to the hard part, the design. I spent countless hours fiddling with it, (I think it was close to a month) and finally just decided to leave it minimilast and simple, it’s the best way to go i assure you.

Another reason why i started blogging is to connect with other bloggers. There are so, so many bloggers out in the internet who are doing such wonderful things, from producing photography to selling e-courses and books that will change your life. That’s the reason i want to be one of these people, and connect with them, it’s because their so inspirational and mind blowing.

I don’t call myself a fashion blogger because I’m not. I do outfit posts and the occasional post about my latest purchase but that’s all, i blog about living the life of your dreams and making positive changes to make that happen, it’s not all about fashion. I want to share my adventures, to share life changing experiences here, i want it to allow me to travel the world then come back and write it all up, I’m not afraid to say it. But it’s just a dream, and if you really believe in your dreams, as cheesy and cliched as it sounds they will come true.

Here’s my pledge, on my Fourth day of blogging to you all.

I promise to:

Inspire all of you.
Post at least six times a week, more content all of the time.
Be true to myself.…

Will you be attending the evolving influence conference?

This fabulous event is coming up at the end of this week for us Australians, at 1:30am Melbourne time the live streaming will start, I will be huddled up in my bed with headphones on, pen and paper in hand, If that’s not dedication then I don’t know what is! I personally want to wish every one of you luck who is lucky enough to be in New York attending this event, you will learn so much and hopefully I will too thanks to the advances in today’s technology.

Hopefully I will get the chance to attend next year. Are you attending the conference in person? or will you be at home like myself watching the live streaming? And here’s a few videos which I have managed to find from last years conference.

IFB Evolving Influence Conference: Jessica Schroeder of What I Wore from krystal bick on Vimeo.

The Future Of Fashion Blogging.…

How to make new years resolutions come true

It’s that time of year again, the last few days of December coming up to the 1st of December. You find that everyone is talking and thinking about their resolutions for the year ahead, do you want to start your own business? earn more money? eat healthier? it can all be very challenging, especially if you didn’t get to complete this years resolutions, you may feel like it won’t ever happen. My two resolutions for next year are to: Make my business grow and to take better care of my body. To do this, i have created ways to make myself do this, hopefully they will help you too.

Write them down – Otherwise you will forget! This happened to me last year, i thought to myself that i would just remember them because they were so good, and come to the start of February i completely blanked out. Write them on a post it note and stick it to the inside of your wardrobe, stick it next to your bed, anywhere that is visible and you will see everyday.
Start with small steps – Start each resolution with small baby steps, if your resolution for example is to eat healthier, then start by making yourself have a salad for lunch each day, once you’ve mastered that move on to bigger steps like going raw and drinking only water.
Make it fun – Try to make your resolutions fun, grab a friend and tell them some of yours, maybe they would like to do them too and you could catch up for lunch each week and see how each of you are going, create a secret club at your workplace or school and everyone who joins has to have the same New Years resolution as you.
Promise yourself you won’t give up – Sometimes making yourself do something is good, promise yourself that you won’t give up, make yourself do ten push ups each morning if your trying to get fit, make yourself eat healthier and drink more water, the power of determination is unimaginable.
Stop procrastinating – Take control of your life, stop lurking on facebook, be the positive change you want for your life, it’s never to early or too late, you can do it.…